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Easypass Needles

Easypass Needles main image Easypass Needles image
  • Sharp and strong
  • Easy passing
  • Every pass feels like the first one

The Easy Pass needle combines 3 advanced technologies to a prime precision needle:

1) Advanced needle coating technology. 2) Precision point with extra sharpening.     3) A new generation of maraging stainless steel




Precision point with extra sharpening
  • Excellent penetration to reduce patient trauma and to maintain intimal integrity
  • Optimal and predicable penetration
  • Long-lasting sharpness over a multiplicity of passes
A new generation of maraging stainless steel
  • Significantly sharper pass after pass
  • Best bending and break resistance
  • Optimal combination of strength and ductility
Advanced needle coating technology Silicone coating covers entire surgical needle
  • Extremely smooth surface
  • Better penetration, control and needle passage
  • Maintains needle sharpness from start to finish over multiple passes

INDICATIONS: Cosmetic and plastic surgery

Penetration performance improved by 40%- 50% compared to standard cutting needles.